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Further Facilities

Sensory Room

The sensory room is used for children to learn and explore through sensory exploration. The children have access to a vast ray of sensory materials. Which young babies, infants and pre-school children can enjoy.

Outdoor/ Nature Garden

All the children have access to a lovely nature garden which offers children the opportunity to express their creativity and imagination within a secure and safe environment. The children can explore the natural surroundings, take risks, create dens and enclosures using the natural materials that are within the area. Children can participate in planting and growing fruit and vegetables.

We also offer a large outdoor area, this includes a soft play area with a secure climbing frame, there is room for children to play on bikes, in cars and with footballs etc. There is also a concrete area where sand and water can be accessed on a daily basis.

The children can access the outdoor area in any weather as many activities are carried out in the outdoors.

This area is accessed by the infant and pre-school children.