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Settling In / Transition

At Heydays we feel it is important for both the child and the parents to feel as comfortable and settled as possible when starting Nursery life.  This is achieved with four introductory sessions. These will be spread over the month prior to the starting date and will take place wherever possible with the child’s appointed key person.

The first visit to nursery for the child will be for 1 hour accompanied by the parent.  The purpose of this first is to exchange information with regard to the child’s routine at home and time for sharing and answering questions.

The second visit to nursery the child will be left for a 1 hour period.

The third visit to nursery the child will be left for a period of time up to 2 hours.

The fourth visit to nursery the child will be left for 2 hours over a meal/feed time.

Should we feel more introductory sessions are necessary then our professional judgment will determine their arrangement.

When children begin to start transition from one room to another, the parent will be informed and an induction into the next room will be arranged. This is to allow parents to know what their child will be doing and who their key person will be. The process happens within every room at each transition stage.

We have good relationships with the local schools/ pre-schools within the area, also creating good transitions into schools.