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Infant Room (20mth – 3yrs)

Once your child reaches 20mths to 2 years, they are ready developmentally and you are happy for them to start transition into the Infant room, this is when their next journey begins.

By this age the children are becoming more inquisitive and eager to explore they enjoy transporting, exploring the sand/water, they enjoy getting messy, mixing, filling and emptying.

The infants will enjoy this room. There are plenty of resources to keep them busy and highly qualified and experienced nursery practitioners. The room consists of many different areas such as sand/ water, mark making, role play, construction, creative. Within the room there is a seperate changing area.

They can access the outdoors freely making their own choices with the support and encouragement of the nursery practitioners.

The children’s physical skills can continue to thrive by accessing the great outdoor resources which are on offer.

Many infants still require a sleep therefore after lunch the infant room is set up as a sleep room where they can rest and have a nap. If they don’t need a sleep they can have some free play time with the pre-school children.

Overall this is a fun area where the children can test boundaries and take risks within a secure and safe fun learning environment.